CNC carving machine for stone

Heavy duty stone engraving machine mainly for hard materials such as marble, granite, artificial stone, tombstone, ceramic tiles, glass, etc, They can be engraved by such Machine to produce arts and crafts, pictures, etc.

Suitable for natural marble, granite, bluestone, sandstone, artifical stone, tombstone, milestone, ceramic tile, jade, crystal, ceramics, glass, plastic, wood, bamboo, cambered surface, sphere, stainless steel, iron, copper, aluminium, titanium alloy, can doing 3D embossment, and line engraving, bevelling, drilling 2D engraving.

Engraving characters, letters, pattern, intaglio, rilievi, handwriting, ancient calligraphy, abrazine colored drawing, flat carving colored drawing, etc on stone, glass, depth can control optionally, to reach the artistic effect.

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