DM-6MZ CNC 6-Sides Drilling Machine

DM-6MZ CNC 6-Sides Drilling Machine


  • The six-faced CNC drilling center is particularly suitable for custom home companies, and can complete six holes on the workpiece and slots on both sides.
  • The largest workpiece is 2400×1200mm.
  • The X-axis adopts a long guide rail to ensure the maximum processing efficiency, and the double-hand grip and the automatic-side abutment device ensure the stability of the workpiece in the moving process.
  • The loading worktable is filled with starting float beads to effectively protect the workpiece from being damaged during the sliding process.
  • The open docking interface can be compatible with various formats such as xml and mpr. It can seamlessly interface with the design-single-swap software and can be processed without scanning and bar code scanning.


Items DM-6MZ
Panel Length 220 ~ 2400 mm
Panel Width 50 ~ 1200 mm
Panel Thickness 12 ~ 55 mm
Max. Traveling Speed (X/U/Y/Z) 110/110/75/30 m/min
Spindle Power 3.5 Kw x 2
Spindle Speed 18000 r/min
Verti. Drills 12
Horiz. Drills 9
Rotating Speed 4000 rpm
Total Power 19.4 Kw
Instrument Dimension 5900 x 2640 x 2100 mm
Net Weight 3500 kg

PS: All the working area and specifications can be customized according to your requests.

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