DM-A9L Carousel Tool Change Drilling CNC Machining Center

DM-A9L Carousel Tool Change Drilling CNC Machining Center


  • Automatic loading and unloading processing center to maximize efficiency.
  • Save labor and operate easily.
  • Equipped with optimized cutting software, truly combining hardware and software, and improving efficiency.
  • 8 hours in the daytime cabinet, 4 hours in the evening. Less investment, high efficiency.


Items DM-A9L
Table Area 1300 x 2500 x 100 mm
Traveling Speed 80 m/min
Working Speed 18 m/min
Spindle Parameters Air cooling 9.0 Kw
Spindle Speed 24000 r/min
Controller LNC
Driving System DELTA
Working Voltage AC 380V / 3 PH / 50 Hz
Electrical Accessories Taiwan Delta VFD / French Schneider Low voltage electrical components / High quality cable
Transmission Parts Taiwan PMI rail / Taiwan PMI ball screw
Table Structure Double layers of multi-point high efficient vacuum adsorbable countertop

PS: All the working area and specifications can be customized according to your requests.

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