Mixed Laser Cutting Machine for Cut Metal and Non-metal Materials

  • Mixed Laser Cutting Machine for Cut Metal and Non-metal Materials
Brand: Zomai CNC Zomai
Model: ZML-1325M

ZML-1325M Mixed Laser Cutting Machine can be used for the interchange cutting of metal and non-metal materials is available. A multi-purpose machine, save costs, and accelerate your return on investment. This mixed Co2 steel sheet cutter can be used for 1-3mm carbon steel, 1-2mm stainless steel, 10-20mm wood, 20-30mm acrylic, 20-25mm density board and other plates.

Features of Mixed Laser Cutting Machine

1. Mix Cutting: The metal plate cutter supports both metal and non-metal Cutting, which can cut stainless steel, carbon steel, mild steel, also can cut acrylic, wood, MDF, PVC board, paper, fabric, etc.
2. The metal plate cutter adopts 150w / 180w / 260w / 300w Laser Tube, high power, 10000 hours long life span.
3. Adopt Japan Imported Motor and Ball Screw Transmission Rod, with fast speed and high precision.
4. This metal plate cutter adopts dynamic auto-focusing metal sheet laser cutting head: When the metal sheet is not plain, the dynamic focus laser cutting head can adjust the focusing distance automatically.
5. Advanced LCD Touch Screen+ USB port+ DSP Offline Control, which make the metal plate cutter can not only work without computer, but also connect to U disk, USB communication.
6. LCD Control System own 128M Big Memory, which can store files in the machine for engraving and cutting, compatible with AutoCAD, CorelDraw, Photoshop and some other kinds of graph disposal software.
7. This steel sheet cutter use imported high precision linear guide rail and professional optical system, dust-proof and lubricate, which improve the engraving quality and prolong machine lifetime.
8. Professional Strip work table: meets the needs of diversified laser procession;
9. Water Cooling System with Alarm Protection, adopt CW-5000 or CW-6000 Water Chiller with temperature display, which can avoid over burning, to protect the water circulation from electricity-off.
10. Equipped with luxury Consumables, USA original Focus Lens and reflect mirror, steel sheet cutter makes high efficiency and steady.
11. Red Light Pointer realizes the exact position without laser.
12. Matched Professional cutting software is particularly designed and written for both metal and non-metallic cutting, with high compatibility, support any computer operating system.
13. The steel sheet cutter can also called mdf laser cut, acrylic cutter.

Application of Mixed Laser Cutting Machine

This mixed Co2 steel sheet cutter can be used to cut Metal Materials, such as: stainless steel, mild steel, carbon steel. And can be used for Non-Metal Materials cutting and Engrave, for example: acrylic, MDF, wood, plywood, plastic, PVC, board, double color board, rubber.

Mixed Laser Cutting Machine

Mixed Laser Cutting Machine

Technical parameters of Mixed Laser Cutting Machine

Model ZML-1325M
Working Area 1300*2500mm
Laser Power 130w / 150w / 180w / 260w / 300w
Transmission & Driving System Belt Transmission, LeadshineStep Motor and Driving System
Laser Type CO2 Sealed Laser Tube, 10.6um
Cooling Type Water Cooling, 150w-180w Machine use CW-5000
260w-300w Machine use CW-6000
Working Table Stainless steel table
Laser Output Control (0-100% Set by Software )
Smallest Character Engraving Chinese: 2.0mm*2.0mm, English Letter: 1.0mm*1.0mm
Highest Scanning Precision 4000DPI
Positioning Accuracy ±0.02mm/m
Positioning Speed 20m/min
Max. Cutting Thickness 40mm
Max. Cutting Speed 20m/min
Controlling Software DSP Control System
Graphic Format Supported BMP, PLT, DST, DXF, and AI, etc
Compatible Software CORELDRAW, PHOTOSHOP, AUTOCAD, All type of AUTOCAD software
Drive System High-precision 3-phase Stepper Motor
Auxiliary Equipment Exhaust Fan and Air Exhaust Pipe
Controlling software Off-computer controlling system
Working voltage AC110-220V ±10%/10A,50-60HZ
Power <2000W
Packing Standard Plywood
Warranty 12 month for whole machine, 10 month for laser tubes
Training VCD Training
Weight 1000 kg

Detail Pictures of Mixed Laser Cutting Machine

Mixed Laser Cutting Machine

PS: All the working area and specifications can be customized according to your requests.

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